Perfecting upon the design of its predecessor, the APEX2™ concealable carrier unites purpose and style with its advanced moisture and odor management system featured in a new sleek design. The APEX2 features an internal liner, made of X-STATIC® XT2 antimicrobial knit that repels micro-organisms to reduce odor and resists moisture to keep the user cool and dry, while detachable shoulder and side straps offer infinite adjustability to achieve maximum comfort. While also protecting the integrity of your ballistic panels, the APEXaccomodates 5”x 8” and 7”x 9” PROTECH® IMPAC special threat plates and soft trauma inserts with hidden internal pockets as a Grip-Lokintegrated panel suspension system secure ballistics properly in place. The APEX2 comes standard with front and rear tails and works in conjunction with any Second Chance® standard or unstructured ballistic packages.

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