The weapons used within the corrections environment are just as real as those on the street. The PROTECH® IMPAC-CT/DT was designed to protect against a variety of duty rounds in addition to providing stab protection against spike and edged bladed instruments. The plate is comprised of a high performing fiberglass composite which makes this plate an economic choice for any officer.

Special threat tested against:

American Eagle 9mm, 115 gr. FMJ
.40 S&W Ranger, 165 gr. SXT
Federal .45 ACP, 230 gr. HST +P

Spike/Edged Weapons:

Spike 3
Knife Blade, P1 Edge Blade 3
Knife Blade, S1 Edge Blade 3

Available Sizes:

5" x 7" for shorter torso lengths
5" x 8" standard offering
7" x 9" for expanded torso protection
10" x 12" featuring an advanced, military-style shooter's cut

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